A fast, focused todo app for busy people.

Juice is a next-generation todo app[1] built for individuals cultivating speed and focus.

Juice is focused around a frictionless single player keyboard-first user experience; it is currently under active development.

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Here are some of the key ideas driving Juice's design and development:

  • Built for individualsJuice is focused solely on a single-player user experience. Productivity is a personal endeavor; Juice is designed to support that.
  • Keyboard-firstEverything in Juice can be done from the keyboard in under 100ms. The mouse is a UX crutch; avoiding it is critical to cultivating focus and flow.
  • Deep workExcellent work requires intense focus. Deep work is critical to achieving asymmetric results. As Paul Graham said, “Focus enables speed.”
  • FrictionlessJuice removes friction wherever possible: capturing tasks, search, integrations are all critical for cultivating a focus and deep work.
  • Integrated ecosystemTasks originate from everywhere: email, Linear, Jira, Trello, Slack, Twitter, Youtube, the web, and many other places. Juice will pulling in and updating tasks in different tools as easy as possible.

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— Alex (@ajsharp)

[1] tl;dr Nomenclature is hard. "Todo app" is a...complicated term. It trivializes the depth and complexity of the domain – it's an app! cute! simple! – while constricting the problem space to “todos”, which sounds both trivial and one-dimensional. Worse yet, it leaves out ideas: precious, fragile, would-be but not-quite-yet-or-maybe-ever tasks, which are just ideas made actionable.

On the other hand, something like a “task management system” is clearly, inarguably worse. The words just puke the complexity right at you.

So, for now, “todo app” it is 🤷‍♂️