Why Build Juice?

It's a fair question. Why build yet another todo app when there are so many already that seem...perfectly fine? Well, because they're all just fine, aren't they? Nothing is great.

The perfect todo app – the one that's been floating around in my head for years – doesn't exist. And I want it, so I'm building it.

"Perfect" is of course highly subjective; I don't know if Juice will be the perfect todo app for you, but I can promise you it will be thoughtfully crafted to help achieve focus and flow.

I believe these are important ideals to strive for. Life is short, and we have limited time to get our best work done. And if you're like me, finding focus is increasingly difficult in a very noisy and exciting world. A tool that's more effective at getting more important work done is important, and carries significant leverage.

I believe a todo app done right can be a powerful tool for thought, but that tool has not yet been invented yet.

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